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James Bay Neighbourhood Association - Victoria, BC

James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) - Environment and Quality of Life Issues in James Bay, Victoria BC

The JBNA Constitution identifies environmental and quality of life issues.

Specifically, the JBNA is:

  • to enable the community to be actively involved in the preservation, rehabilitation and planned development of James Bay so as to preserve and enhance the quality of the environment and life therein.

  • to promote community awareness of and involvement in environmental issues and their impact on the community, and facilitate community input to the continuous review and upgrading of the James Bay Plan.

  • to be sensitive to community concerns, to educate and assist individuals and community groups with respect to environmental and ecological developments.
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Did you know that the entire waterfront of James Bay is a migratory bird wildlife sanctuary?

Bird Sanctuary Map
"The heavy black line on the map indicates the outer boundary of the 'Victoria Harbour Bird Sanctuary,' established in 1923. The inner boundary follows the shoreline and includes all beaches from Ten Mile Point to Esquimalt."  Janis Ringuette  Beacon Hill Park History

James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) - Reports

From 2001 onwards, the community identified substantial negative impacts on the James Bay community which the community linked to the cruise tourism industry.

In 2006, the JBNA approached the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) about air quality. VIHA began a 3-year project which examined air quality in James Bay.

To complement the VIHA air quality studies, the JBNA undertook complementary research projects and a residents survey focused on issues relating to our mandate. Environmental Metrics of air quality, traffic volume, and noise studies have been measured.

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Victoria as a Port-of-Call: The Costs and Benefits of Cruise Ship Visits is the final pillar of the impact study of cruise tourism in Victoria. The report examines both the economic impacts and the socio-environmental impacts of cruise ship calls at Ogden Point. The study uses a multiple accounts approach.

Air Quality: Between the smelter and the pulp mill - or worse? SO2, cruise ships, and people who live in James Bay consolidates information from several sources including the VIHA sponsored air quality study and the 2009 CRD report. The studies conclude that sulphur dioxide levels in throughout much of James Bay and Victoria exceed World Health Organization guidelines during the cruise ship season.

Noise examines community noise along Dallas Rd at the west area of James Bay. In 2009, the JBNA commissioned a sound study to compare noise levels on days with, and without, cruise ships in port. On Dallas Road, transportation noises were found to be roughly doubled when cruise ships were in port.

Aerodrome Noise and Emissions summarizes the aerodrome noise and emissions issues of the past few decades. Extremely high single event level noise levels, noxious smells expected to be VOCs, and gaps in regulatory or oversight responsibility are the main issues.

Residents Survey provides analysis of a 2009 survey based on examination of JBNA meeting issues over the past several years. Traffic volume, and traffic noise, have been identified as the most pressing priorities. 573 residents completed the survey. 402 of these residents provided 750 comments. The results of the survey serve as groundwork for a new JB Neighbourhood Plan.
James Bay and Victoria BC Environmental Reports


JBNA Sulphur Dioxide Comment for 2015 (52 KB)

JBNA Sulphur Dioxide Report for 2014
January, 2015 (966 KB)

JBNA Report on Sulphur Dioxide Monitoring for 2012
May 2013 (842 KB)

JBNA Report on Sulphur Dioxide Monitoring for 2011
July 2012 (532KB)

Cruise Tourism and Victoria
Costs and Benefits of Cruise Ship Tourism in Victoria
April 2011 (350KB) Summary of Port-of-Call

Victoria as a Port-of-Call:
The Costs and Benefits of Cruise Ship Visits

March 2011 (2.3MB)

Emissions, Noise, and Traffic Volumes as Quality of Life Factors
February 2010 (40KB)

James Bay Air Quality
February 2010 (460KB)

Air Quality: May 2010 Update (212KB)

Noise - Quality of Life & Environment Committee Report
February 2010 (423KB)

Aerodrome Noise, Emissions, & Safety - Victoria Harbour
September 2011 (3.5MB)

Resident's Survey - Summary
2009 (242KB)

Resident's Survey - Full Report
2009 (1.6MB)

James Bay Resident Responses in the GVHA Reputational Survey - Summary Document
July 2011 (134KB)

James Bay Resident Responses in the GVHA Reputational Survey
July 2011 (1MB)

VIHA & MOE Publications


2015 Air Quality Report

2013 Air Quality Report

2012 Air Quality Report

2011 Air Quality Report

JBAQS Phase I: Results of field monitoring

JBAQS Phase II: Report on the Results of CALPUFF Air Quality Dispersion Modelling 2007

MAML 2009 Mobile Air Monitoring Laboratory Report (1.40 MB)

VIHA Health Review & Response
June 2010 (416KB)

CRD Publications
Air Quality in the CRD 2008; cruise ship analysis pages 94 -128.

Harbouring Tourism: Cruise Ships in Historic Port Communities -  presentations from The World Monuments Fund  International Symposium 
Feb. 2015 (7.47 MB

Study on the Economic Impact or Large Cruise Ships at Venice
Feb. 2015 (1.76 MB)

James Bay, Victoria BC


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