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About James Bay Neighbourhood Association

The James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) has evolved over the past thirty-five years as James Bay and Victoria have grown and changed.

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The 1950's and 1960's were a period of considerable change. There was a loss of heavy industries located in the western part of the community and a dwindling and eventual loss of cargo shipping at Ogden Point. Single family houses were being demolished to be replaced by low rise and high rise apartment buildings.

Out of fear for the loss of family housing, residents created groups to speak out on land use issues. The former James Bay Community Association and the James Bay Residents' League were successful in convincing the City to use zoning tools to contain the increasing density of the neighbourhood.

In the early 1970s the City of Victoria established a Planning Department and the first James Bay Plan was completed in 1973.

Aerial view - James Bay



With a resurgence of development pressure in the 1980s, the James Bay Health and Community Services Society formed a committee to focus on land use and environmental issues the James Bay Neighbourhood Environment Committee. The committee registered as a non-profit society in 1993. A couple of name changes later, it is now known as the James Bay Neighbourhood Association.

After the City's adoption of the 1986 Official Community Plan, the JBNA led a process of community consultation and developed its own update of the 1973 neighbourhood plan. In 1990, the City endorsed its own (different) version of the James Bay plan. Through a mediated process the two plans were melded to create the 1993 James Bay Neighbourhood Plan.

In response to development proposals that were felt to be in contravention of the James Bay Neighbourhood Plan, the JBNA, through the James Bay Action Committee, held a series of forums which involved two hundred residents over several months in 2004-2005. The Committees which formed have become cornerstones for ongoing JBNA activities.

The vision statement these residents developed for James Bay is:

A dynamic, human-scale and diverse neighbourhood focused on a vibrant village core, that preserves its heritage, integrates its waterfront, and provides green spaces and accessible public transit."
Forum participants identified various amenities as being essential for a vibrant, livable James Bay community. These amenities will form the basis for discussion during the review and update of the James Bay Neighbourhood Plan.

Shoal Point and Fisherman's Wharf

James Bay heritage home and garden

James Bay Community Centre

JBNA Today

James Bay residents have been, and continue to be concerned with

  • maintaining a safe, peaceful community

  • land use issues, particularly the preservation of natural amenities and historical housing stock

  • development of a variety of community-oriented services (health, social, education and recreation)

  • the development and retention of affordable housing

  • encouragment of healthy lifestyles, and access for all residents

  • transportation issues, particularly as they relate to the tourism industry and its impact on the lives of James Bay residents.
The JBNA retains links with other groups serving James Bay residents, namely the James Bay New Horizons Society, the James Bay Health and Community Services Society, the James Bay Community School and the James Bay Village Renewal group.

JBNA members have been actively represented on city-wide committees, including the Advisory Planning Commission, the Board of Variance, Parks Committee, Heritage Advisory Committee, and Cycling Committee, and have worked with other neighbourhoods through the Community Associations Network and the Community Associations Land Use Chairs group.

James Bay community garden

James Bay School Logo

James Bay United Church

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